Providing beautification and utility to commercial, industrial, institutional and residential surfaces


Why Applicators are choosing Torginol

Torginol® exclusively manufactures and distributes an array of decorative materials for a variety of niche markets, including resinous and terrazzo flooring, decorative wall coatings, pool plaster finishes, grouts and mortars, EIFS systems, engineered surfaces, landscaping, fish aquariums, art, craft and hobby projects, home décor accents and others.


From guidance on color-styles, blend designs, sizes, grades and coverage rates of our resinous flooring media products to solutions for ergonomic sample production

Custom Solutions

Torginol's mission is to deliver custom coating solutions for a variety of specialty markets.

Fast Turnaround Times

Torginol strives to ship nearly all orders within 24 hours to afford you the ability to meet the stringent expectations of your clients. 

Sample Support

Simply send us a swatch or sample of any material that you are trying to complement and we will match it and send it to you complimentary for your clients' approval. 

Sales and Marketing Tools

From color swatch selection guides and custom product literature to online blend design tools and marketing graphics, Torginol thrives on supporting our customers with professional sales tools to help them close the deal with their clients.

Contact Details

If you want to learn more about opportunities to become a qualified FLEXMAR Polyaspartic AND Torginol Applicator or Contractor, fill out the form or call us today.

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