Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Central U.S. Coatings Inc. and other companies?

Central U.S. Coatings Inc. specializes in polyaspartics, where other companies may offer to paint your garage floor as a secondary service to basic house painting. These companies do not have the knowledge, nor do they use the industrial strength products and materials necessary to do the proper job. 

How do I keep my new floor looking its best?

General Cleaning of Interior Surfaces 
Interior surfaces may be cleaned by mopping, use of a carpet cleaning/extraction machine, steam cleaner, floor scrubber with light-duty pad or auto scrubber. 
General Cleaning of Exterior Surfaces 
Exterior surfaces may be cleaned using a nylon push broom and hose to flush away the dirt. A pressure washer may also be used for routine cleaning. It is recommended that pressure not exceed 1,200 PSI and that a fan tip be used. Never use any type of high-pressure type of turbo/rotating tip. 

Who is the closest installer to me?

We have contractors NATIONWIDE and we can help you find who is close to you. Contact the office for more information. 

Can you install logos?

Yes, not only can we custom blend color chips to match your team colors, but now you can show your team pride by showcasing your favorite College or Pro team logo on your floor as well. The possibilities are endless- racing, baseball, football, etc. Or we can even put your company logo on the floor of your business! 

Do I need to fix the cracks in my floor first?

Yes, the cracks and pit marks need to be repaired in the floor prior to the polyaspartics products being installed. Polyaspartics products will not bridge existing cracks. We recommend grind prepping the damage in the floor to make sure that all the loose debris and portland residue is removed to guarantee the polyaspartics products will adhere. We use Andrew's Fast Fix to repair cracks and pit marks, both large and small, to give you a flawless floor. Andrew's Fast Fix can be cocktailed together to fill in the small cracks and can be mixed with silica sand for the larger cracks and divots. 

What types of products do you use?

We use the industries best polyaspartics, which is four times more durable than typical epoxy and polyurethane coatings. 

How thick is the product?

It will be the same thickness as a credit card when it is finished. It is NOT a self-leveler. 

What type of cleaners do you recommend?

We recommend using a neutral-pH-balanced cleaner. They leave no film residue, are low foaming, do not require rinsing and they have a pleasant aroma. They are also user-friendly, non-toxic, and economical. Personally, our favorite to use is Simple Green. 

Do I need to wax my floor?

There is no need to ever wax a FLEXMAR polyaspartic surface. A FLEXMAR polyaspartic finish will outshine and outlast any other sealer on the market...without wax! In fact, wax applied to a FLEXMAR polyaspartic surface will scuff, mar, and yellow over time requiring buffing, burnishing, stripping, and reapplication, with associated labor, materials, and energy costs.

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